April 21, 2013

Tips to Youngsters

Hello young people of the world, before saying anything else, i would like you all to listen or read carefully,  to all what I will write in this blog of mine. I have been blogging for quite sometime but it's only now I have thought  talking to you my dear.

To begin with, I've been  young and being one, i thought before that people older than me, wouldn't want me to be happy in this single life of mine' on this beautiful planet of ours. Every reprimand means, as if i am an unwanted child in this world cos, we have to follow what the old tell us to do. 

But then when I graduated my college, have a work of my own, still, the don'ts was not stopped. But I realized now that I am also old, that all what they want to do to me is to have a better life and have a brighter tomorrow.

I am not a rebel one, not vocal to what i don't like, i just follow what they say, even thou deep inside me, I am against it. But then scared to be scold, i just follow them.

I realized now that, I have done good thing to myself by doing what they want, thou not a hundred percent but at least not less than 50% complying.

I graduated my course, work for a while then married to a college degree also. We have four children, I did not tell or dictate them what to do but prayed silently to myself that they will choose or follow the right path in life. My husband and I worked hard to send them to school, give them time when we are not working by going to the beach or pools, watching movies and other outings in life that they enjoy as long as it is affordable for our income.

Now the three of them are all married with children of their own and doing the same thing as we are doing to them when they were still young. I hope my grandchildren will all be in the right path also like their parents.

We are not rich but we work hard to be sufficient in life, tho not as sufficient as the rich one. We met the basic needs of our everyday life.

March 20, 2013

Word Game I Play

I like to play word games, even though I am not so good in it. I just enjoy playing.

they are:

Scrabble Worldwide  ex.(Canada and USA) it is an online game and you can have nice players.

Scrabble can be played according to your convenient time

Words With Friends (same as Scrabble)

Taxi Drivers

Sometime in 1974, I arrived in the Manila International Airport with a companion. We ride a taxi. My companion went down first since his place is the first stop, before going down he said he will be the one to pay the taxi and even call my attention while paying the driver (of course the driver heard loud and clear) that he already paid including my fare. To my surprise when I arrived my place, the taxi driver still ask for my fare, we argued but still he keep on insisting that my companion did not pay. To avoid further confrontation, I paid him but to my another surprised, he doesn't want a peso bill as payment but in dollar.I said to myself, oh what kind of people are they. Still I gave up and paid in dollar, so that I can already rest.

Tooth Paste Supply

One night when I am to brush my teeth before sleeping, i found out that, no matter how I squeezed our toothpaste still there is nothing that comes out of it. It is already late that no more store is open to buy the paste. I cut the tube near the neck and found out that the remaining amount can still be used in case of emergency.

March 4, 2013

Burnt Sugar in Cooking "Tocino"

I would like to impart to my readers (in case they still didn't know), what i found out in cooking "tocino"( a Filipino dish). After cooking, we can see the burnt sugar that sticks so hard in our pan, i scratched it so it can be removed since i have to use the pan for another cooking. I put water and have it boil with the hope that it will become tender, but it didn't,  until the water was all gone and to my surprise the burnt sugar just separate from the pan when all the water was gone. or just by heating the pan the burnt sugar can be easily taken without scrubbing at all.

February 24, 2013

NPA visited Del Monte Philippines Camp in Bukidnon

Last February 19th 2013, while we are so engrossed in our tele-serye program in one of our favorite channel, my son alerted me of the news(thru facebook) that NPA(New Peoples Army) group is present in one of the biggest business located in Bukidnon, which is 45-1 hour away from Cagayan de Oro City, where we are living for almost 38 years already, and this incident happened.

After watching television, we listened to our local radio station and true, the news is full of what is happening in the said place. That the rebel group destroyed some of the heavy equipment's  by burning them.  According to the news, while they are entering the place, they said they are NPA's and that they will not hurt civilians. I have also listened to the spokesman of the rebels(as interviewed thru radio) that says, they are against the company's expansion because it affects the natural resources of our country, but sources said this company exist for 87 years already if i were not mistaken with what i have heard and wondered why only now they woke up and realized it. But how about the numbers of families that this company has been helped by means of giving jobs, that sustained those people till now. What can they say about it?

I only hope and pray that this can be resolved by peaceful talks, so that civilians will not be endangered through cross-fire, while getting attention from the government.

February 15, 2013

Valentine Photos from different games I played